We are a Lincolnshire based company who love to promote the positive side of things. Though we cover the region of Lincolnshire and just beyond we do cover the Equestrian area in a much wider field, so it's not unusual to see RED STOP MEDIA photographers and journalists in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk etc. covering Equestrian Events.

Lincolnshire is though, our main base and focus, and in it we cover the events that are local, national and international. We make a point of working with the local authorities and event organisers to give the best coverage of the events. We take pride in showing how great our county, Lincolnshire, is, with wonderful people, companies, products and services, not to mention the glorious countryside.


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We Work With You

  • With a dedicated team we provide media content for not just our own publications, but also for others, which is not only cost effective to us all, but also enviromentally wise.

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